Quality Management and Software Development are complex, human centric activities. Software Development managers have to evaluate a wide range of contextual factors before deciding on the most appropriate process to adopt for any given project in order to omit some of the numerous pitfalls on the way. The chosen development approach should best fit the conditions, product, talent, and goals of the markets and organizations and is the pre-requisite for Quality Management initiatives.

The following three Assessment Areas are the foundation of the methodology for a diagnostic tool, introduced in GIZ’s publication “IT Quality Management in Developing and Emerging Countries” (2013).


Business is the most relevant assessment area for your strategy. It is supposed to help you by the strategic decision on WHAT certification scheme is the best for your company and where you should concentrate your further evaluation effort.

The People and Process assessment areas are providing some aspects important for your tactic. They should inspire you to figure out the answers on the question HOW to accomplish the tactical realization of your strategic decision. 

The different aspects of the software development process can be self-assessed for benchmarking.   

Please use this link: self-assessment

Once the questionnaire has been completed, a basic automated analysis is immediately available and will be sent to you per email. In addition, an advanced analysis has to be done in order to start with the planning of the implementation of quality standards in your organization!

Good luck in your endeavor!